Sunday, June 28, 2009

Forex Forecast of Major Currency Pairs

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June 28, 2009

-- Financial markets seem to be in the midst of a crisis of confidence as they probably got well ahead of the pace of the global economic recovery, which is going to take time.

-- Markets moving away from risk assumption posture.

-- Ultimate outcome of Iranian elections still up in the air.


-- Latest Fed Statement takes a slightly more hawkish tone. No rate hikes in the cards yet.

-- Employment data on Thursday likely to show May improvement was partially a statistical fluke. Employment loss on the order of -450K would not be surprising.

-- Recent improvement in the tone of the bond market bears scrutiny. 4.0% in the 10yr note is the pivotal level.


-- Declining trade surplus reduces capital export (JPY positive).

-- Deflationary pressures persist.

-- Economy bottoming.

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-- EUR/USD 1.40 the tipping points for the markets.

--.Key ECB meeting is on Thursday. They talk tough but have badly overestimated the strength of EZ economy. Watch what they do more than what they say.

-- Tight EUR/USD to S&P correlation has been working only intermittently.

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-- UK economy still weak but bottoming.

-- Brown government in crisis. Could fall at any time. More conservative government could be seen as GBP positive.

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-- SNB concerned about weakness of the economy, but CHF tied to EUR.

-- Expect SNB intervention at any time to hold EUR 1.50 line vs. EUR.

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Business Cycle Trades:

-- CAD, AUD and NZD business cycle trades come into favor when markets in risk assumption posture.

-- Crude $70 line pivotal

John M. Bland is an author and co-founder of Prior that, he was a senior forex dealer in a subsidiary of the Continental Grain Company in NYC. Previously, he was a member of the Chemical Bank corporate advisory service in NYC. He also worked in international liability management. John holds an MBA from the Hass School at the University of California at Berkeley and a BA in Economics from Berkeley.